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Acquisitions form

Create a trackable acquisitions form in conjunction with the faculty suggestion form and liaison information. A view page for the acquisitions department will be available to both liaisons and acquisitions department that is searchable and sortable by requestior, department, time of request, ISBN, and title. This view would also include fields for the Acquisitions department to mark the item...

Low Open 07/17/2013
Ask a librarian status message

Indicate whether libriarians are/are not immediately available for response via the Ask a Librarian feature (e.g., "the librarian is in/out").

Medium Open 08/05/2013
Quick links missing

quick links to what i use most - these are now missing.

Medium Open 08/08/2013
Incorrect link in FAQ

In the FAQ, if you click on the Borrowing topic, the question about borrowing policies (the last one) leads to an answer with a Getting Materials link that doesn't work: . The correct link is

High Open 09/17/2013
iPad issue

 When viewing the homepage for an iPad, the page formatting is off center and cuts off parts of words along the right margin.

Medium Open 08/08/2013
Liaison link under about us

Please put a link to Liaison librarians on the "About Us" and "Research" drop down menus. Please change "special collections" to "Collections" and include Special Collections as one option on this list. Thank you!

Medium Open 09/17/2013
Software list for computers

Add a service page listing the availability and location of software on library computers.

Medium Open 08/05/2013
Need to scroll

the font is so large one has to scroll down to see everything. It is so packed with mostly useless stuff - and very ugly.

Medium Open 08/08/2013
add Michelle Demeter

Add Michelle Demeter as tutoring editor

High Open 08/05/2013
FSU Main page link in banner

in the old page the "Florida state libraries" banner linked to homepage and the FSU seal linked to . Now they both link to homepage. Is this an error? or new change

Medium Open 08/08/2013


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