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Strozier Maps

You might be waiting for the Stack maps, but in the meantime, are you going...

Medium Open 08/08/2013
Assessment Department

 The Assessment Department is not listed under Departments nor under...

Medium Open 08/08/2013
No Home button after book search

NO "Home" button after searching for a book

Medium Open 08/09/2013
Need of a font size changer

font size changer

Medium Open 08/09/2013
Change Catalog Banner

Contact FLVC and request a change to the banner in order to include a logo that links back to the library website.

Medium Open 07/16/2013
Header on Room Booking pages

LibCal header change to add image and search function along with navigation may be added to the LibCal Room Booking pages.

Low Open 07/24/2013
legacy home button to new site

Anything that's on the legacy site should go to the new site when <home> is clicked. (B Birmingham)


Medium Open 08/05/2013
Database search in dropdown menu top of page

Place a "database list" as part of the drop-down menu for the main search box

Medium Open 08/22/2013
Reserves difficult to find

I can't find course reserves under departments or departmental contacts. It's only under quick links for faculty. It comes up under the Library Services search, but I don't think that's enough.

Medium Open 09/17/2013
form issue

On the Materials Purchase Suggestions page It isn't clear that you have to go to a different page/form to request journals and databases, especially since the top ot the page says you can use the form to request journals. Also, the options under "Item is a..." include journals and databases. If you select Journal, it takes you to the Confirmation page without requesting the journal info.

High Open 09/17/2013


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