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Accessibility at FSU Libraries


Getting Assistance 

In the spirit of access for all, the Accessibility Unit of FSU Libraries provides assistive services and/or accommodations to students with disabilities.

FSU Libraries have resources to provide reasonable accommodation. While many modifications are unique to an individual’s needs, the motive behind all accommodations is to equalize access by reasonable measures.

While assistance may be given at the time of the request, students are encouraged to schedule an appointment for accommodations that require individualized assistance. 

All Libraries’ staff can provide basic assistance. We will endeavor to have the appropriate staff to provide proper and timely assistance.

Library Services

Read this page to learn of the types of assistance available. Great efforts are made to provide services individualized to your needs.

Please make an appointment with us, so that we can individualize services to your needs.

Accessibility Unit 

In addition to physical assistance with tasks such as retrieving materials from the stacks, searching the library catalog, and filling out interlibrary loan requests, the Accessibility Unit of FSU Libraries provides the resources and services outlined below: 

Assistive Technology Lab (ATL) 

The Assistive Technology Lab is jointly funded with FSU's Student Government Association. It contains adaptive equipment and is restricted to FSU students with disabilities who have card swipe access. For card swipe access, please contact Lindsey Wharton (

The Assistive Technology Lab is located on the main floor of Strozier Library and is available for use during all library hours.


Adaptive programs and equipment are available in the Assistive Technology Lab, the Accessible Pod, and on random computers on the floor. Software and hardware include:
•computers with Jaws, ZoomText, MaGic, Inspiration, Kurzweil 3000, and Dragon Naturally Speaking
•Kurzweil 3000 USB
•Desk Magnifer
•Alternative Keyboards
•Alternative mice
•Talking Calculators

Alternative Formats

The following library materials can be converted upon request:
•Book chapters/sections
•Journal articles
•In house library publications
•Materials used in library instructional sessions

Great effort is made to accommodate reasonable requests as quickly as a possible. Promptness is dependent upon staff availability. Therefore, it is the individual’s responsibility to make requests in a timely manner. 

Individualized Research Assistance

Individual Study Carrel


Items to check out

For those who are registered with the Accessibility Unit, there are a few items that can be checked out from the Technology Center located on the first floor Commons. These items include:

•Kurzweil USB Drive

•iZOOM USB Drive

•SAPPHIRE portable video magnifier

•Smart Pen portable scanner/reader

•Individual Accessible Study Carrol Key


Training guides for Accessible Programs 

Here we have created training manuals for accessible programs found in the library.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Accessible Pod 

The Accessible Pod is located on the main floor outside the Assistive Technology Lab. It serves as an extension of the Lab, giving you the option of working in the public space. The pod has computers with adaptive programs. Each computer sits on a height adjustable table. Other adaptive equipment, such as alternative keyboards, are there. 


Individual Study Carrel 

There is one carrel designated for use by students with disabilities needing a quiet space to study for four hours at a time. The room is equipped with an electronically adjustable study table. Laptops can be plugged in to the outlets on the tabletop. No assistive technology is available in the carrel.

To access the key to this study room, you must check out the key from the Technology Center on the first floor.

For more information please contact
Lindsey Wharton, Extended Campus and Distance Services Librarian

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